Rabbit’s New AI Gadget Makes use of Apps On Your Behalf to “Do Something” — However How Precisely Does It Work? | by Nabil Alouani | Jan, 2024

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Let’s reverse-engineer “R1” and its Giant Motion Mannequin

Nabil Alouani

Towards Data Science
Prompt: “Create an oil sketch in retro-futuristic style showing a modern, sleek handheld square device in vibrant orange with rounded corners and a minimalistic design. It features a large, glossy black screen with a white rabbit logo, matte finish, tactile side buttons, and a camera lens in the top corner. The device casts a subtle shadow on a neutral grey background, highlighting its bright color and clean lines, blending past and future aesthetics.”
Picture created by the writer by way of Midjourney.

All it’s important to do is push a button and converse your thoughts. Half a second later, r1 turns your directions into actions. If you happen to’re not into voice instructions, you’ll be able to shake r1 and a keyboard will seem on the display screen.

r1 is the title of a brand new AI machine launched by an organization referred to as Rabbit.

It’s like a telephone, nevertheless it’s not a telephone. It’s extra like a Pokédex with an AI assistant that “will get issues completed.” r1 can ebook you a visit, replace a spreadsheet, and counsel recipes primarily based on what you will have within the fridge.

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