Measuring AI’s Creativity with Visible Phrase Puzzles | by Yennie Jun | Feb, 2024

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How nicely can AI fashions resolve (and create) rebus puzzles?

Yennie Jun

Towards Data Science
GPT-4: when prompted with: “create me a rebus puzzle for “Visible Phrase Puzzle”“

What does it imply for an AI to be artistic?

Final yr, I wrote an article about measuring creativity in Massive Language Fashions (LLMs) utilizing a number of word-based creativity checks.

Since then, AI has developed quickly and is able to processing and creating each textual content and picture. These fashions, generally known as “Multimodal Massive Language Fashions” (MLLMs), are extraordinarily highly effective and have superior talents to grasp complicated textual and visible inputs.

On this article, I discover one solution to measure creativity in two common MLLMs: OpenAI’s GPT-4 Imaginative and prescient and Google’s Gemini Professional Imaginative and prescient. I exploit rebus puzzles, that are phrase puzzles that require combining each visible and language cues to resolve.

Creativity is extraordinarily multi-faceted and tough to outline as a single trait. Due to this fact, on this article, I purpose to not measure creativity basically, however to judge one very particular facet of creativity.

Observe [modified from my earlier article]: These experiments purpose to not measure how artistic AI fashions are, however quite to measure the extent of artistic course of current of their mannequin generations. I’m not claiming that AI fashions possess artistic pondering in the identical means people do. Relatively, I purpose to point out how the fashions reply to explicit measures of artistic processes.

A rebus puzzle is an image illustration of widespread phrases or phrases. They usually contain a mix of visible and spatial cues. For instance, under are six examples of rebus puzzles (solutions are on the finish of the article).

Examples rebus puzzles from Normative Information for 84 UK English Rebus Puzzles (CC BY). One instance is proven for every of the six “sorts” categorized within the paper.

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