Leveraging Graphs to Advance Chain-of-Thought Reasoning | by Anthony Alcaraz | Jan, 2024

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Anthony Alcaraz

Towards Data Science

Chain-of-thought (CoT) prompting has quickly emerged as a method to considerably enhance the reasoning capabilities of huge language fashions. By demonstrating step-by-step reasoning chains, CoT permits fashions like GPT-4 to resolve multi-step issues — from arithmetic to commonsense puzzles. The important thing perception is that by studying from contextual examples, fashions can purchase complicated logicial expertise with out resorting to task-specific fine-tuning.

Nevertheless, a key limitation hampering wider applicability of CoT prompting is the reliance on hand-designed demonstrations. Crafting high-quality reasoning chains with coherent logical move requires substantial human effort and experience. To unlock the total potential, we want strategies to mechanically generate high quality CoT demonstrations.

Current work has sought to deal with this via retrieval and generative approaches. However ensuing chains typically undergo from incoherence, gaps, and grounding errors. Capturing the fluid, conceptual move of reasoning chains in textual sequences has confirmed tough. We suggest as a substitute representing reasoning construction with specialised graphs to advance CoT prompting.

Particularly, this text identifies two complementary graph-powered strategies:

  1. Modeling CoT demonstrations as directed graphs to seize move and analyze construction
  2. Incorporating exterior structured information graphs to strengthen semantic grounding

Leveraging graphs gives mathematical and computational frameworks to formally characterize CoT reasoning patterns. And harnessing graph analytics and embeddings gives new means to evaluate, optimize, and generate demonstrations. The synergy of formalizing construction whereas injecting grounded information guarantees to advance the frontiers of in-context studying.

Picture generated by Dall-E-2

A core facet of CoT demonstrations is the logical development of reasoning from one inferential step to the subsequent. This conceptual move of ideas may be formally captured as a directed graph construction:

  1. Nodes as Reasoning Steps: Every step inside the reasoning chain is modeled as a node within the directed graph. These…

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